Dungeon QuestEdit

¢¢Â¾ Ë Slime

Spawns: Dungeon Quest and Forest Quest

A Slime with no attacks. Will often run away at the sight of a player. When killed by the player, it will restore HP/MP/BP corresponding to its color.

ÃϦ±¦¦ þ(¦- þ1) Soldier

Spawns: Dungeon Quest

A skeleton Soldier with low movement speed and a short ranged melee attack.

ÃϦ±¦¦ þ(¦ ÷) Archer

Spawns: Dungeon Quest

A skeleton Archer with low movement speed and a long ranged attack. Skeleton archers remain stationary when shooting.

ÃϦ±¦¦ þ(¦- þ2) Elite Soldier

Spawns: Dungeon Quest

A Soldier with medium movement speed and longer melee attack range.

ÃϦ±¦¦ þ(¦- þ3) Master Soldier

Spawns: Dungeon Quest 2+

A Elite Soldier with high movement speed and melee attack damage. Also capable of shooting a fast projectile ranged attack.

¢¦ µ ¦±À¢ Golem

Spawns: Dungeon Quest 3+

A Golem with a high damage melee attack and an AoE ground slam attack. This golem cannot be knocked back but may be stunned by Magic attacks.

¦í¦Ý ¤ Gargoyle

Spawns: Dungeon Quest 4

A Gargoyle with a double slash melee attack. Also capable of firing a projectile ranged attack. If the Gargoyle's health falls below a certain threshold, the Gargoyle will have a yellow buff surrounding them. This buff increases movement speed, makes it invincible, and guarentees a 100% critical hit on melee attacks.

¦¯À¤ Balrog

Spawns: Dungeon Quest 5

Balrog, when summoned, disappears and teleports to the player(s) and attacks them with a 360 degree AoE attack or a wide ranged melee attack.b

Forest QuestEdit

¢¢Â¾ Ë Slime

Apperances: Dungeon Quest and Forest Quest.

Roams around avoiding the players, when killed by the player it will give HP/MP/BP corresponding to its colour.

¦ ¥¹ ¦ Horned Owl

Appears in: Forest Quest

Shoots a long-ranged attack, occasionally this attack is a triple-shot attack.

¥¯ÁÊ Ã ¦¬¦½ Evil Tree

Appears in: Forest Quest

An evil tree which is immobilized to one spot. Shoots a long-ranged attack.

¦Ý¦Ý©¦ Goblin

Appears in: Forest Quest

A Goblin only capable of doing a close-ranged attack.

¦Ý¦Ý©¦ ¦©i Goblin Shaman

Appears in: Forest Quest

Fires a single target projectile aimed at the player(s).

® ÷©«¥¯ Orc

Appears in: Forest Quest 2+

An orc able to swing his mace and send you flying across the map with its high knockback power.

® ¦ñ ³ þ Orc Berserker

Appears in: Forest Quest 3+

An orc which uses a double slash attack.

® ©Ì ¦-÷ Orc Mage

Appears in: Forest Quest 3+

Constantly fires a single projectile aimed at the player(s).

Þ ¦ ¼ÀË¢¦ Cyclops

Appears in: Forest Quest 4+

Possessing high hp,movement speed, strength and a wide-attack range.

¦ ®ãõ¥¯©« Dark Fairy

Appears in: Forest Quest 5

Very fast and unpredictable movement. Shoots two types of projectiles, three projectiles aimed at the player and a 360 degree projectile attack.

Flame QuestEdit

ôä ¯ÁÕ Hell Hound

Appears in: All Flame Quest

©Â¦Î©Â ¦¢¦÷

Appears in: Flame Quest 2+

©Â¦Î©Â ¦±À¢

Appears in: Flame Quest 3+

Fires a single projectile at the player(s).

¦÷¦Î Ê ´ Burning Soul

Appears in:

-¦¦úÀ ¢¦ Cerberus

Appears in: Flame Quest 3+

¦Ã-©«ã« Efreet

Appears in: Flame Quest 4+

Efreet has a 360 degree melee attack and shoots 3 projectiles.

À¦ÁÕ ÁÕÀí¦´ Flame Dragon

Appears in: Flame Quest 5.

The Flame Dragon flies in the air and is unattackable while in the air. While in the air, the Flame Dragon fires 3 AoE shots at player(s) which can only be dodged if standing still. The Flame Dragon can only be attacked when he lands. Once the Flame Dragon lands, 3 shock waves will shot.