# Picture Name Points
0Rank StoneStone0
1Rank Jade 1Jade 11
2Rank Jade 2Jade 250
3Rank Jade 3Jade 3100
4Rank Jade 4Jade 4200
5Rank Topaz 1Topaz 1400
6Rank Topaz 2Topaz 2800
7Rank Topaz 3Topaz 31,600
8Rank Topaz 4Topaz 42,400
9Rank Opal 1Opal 13,200
10Rank Opal 2Opal 26,400
11Rank Opal 3Opal 312,800
12Rank Opal KingOpal King25,600
13Rank Gold 1Gold 151,200
14Rank Gold 2Gold 2102,400
15Rank Gold 3Gold 3204,800
16Rank Gold KingGold King409,600
17Rank Star 1Star 1819,200
18Rank Star 2Star 21,638,400
19Rank Star 3Star 33,276,800
20Rank Star KingStar King6,553,600
21Rank Moon 1Moon 113,107,200
22Rank Moon 2Moon 226,214,400
23Rank Moon 3Moon 352,428,800
24Rank Moon KingMoon King104,857,600
25Rank Sun 1Sun 1209,715,200
26Rank Sun 2Sun 2419,430,400
27Rank Sun 3Sun 3838,860,800
28Rank Sun KingSun King1,677,721,600
29Rank Souller 1소울러 1 (Souller 1)3,355,443,200
30Rank Souller 2소울러 2 (Souller 2)6,710,886,400
31Rank Souller 3소울러 3 (Souller 3)13,421,772,800
32Rank Souller King킹소울러 (Souller King)26,843,545,600


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Xyrho Face
Taciturn swordsman
Short Range Power A
Long Range Power A
Rotation Speed A
Max Speed A
Acceleration A

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